This poster was designed as a visual reference for use by International Taekwon-do Federation instructors and students. It includes the three exercises and 24 patterns recognized and practiced by the ITF.

The header features the ITF logo and an image of General Choi Hong Hi and his son, President Choi Jung Hwa. The body includes exercises and patterns highlighted in their associated belt color and accompanied by the pattern definitions, number of movements, and pattern diagrams. The bottom divides the Black Belt ranks according to their respective titles.

A printed and mounted version of this poster was presented to President Choi Jung Hwa at the IIC in Reno NV, August, 2009. Customized posters were also presented to Masters Nicholls and Master Wheatley as well as Master Risko..

A download of this poster is available here in English and NOW in Espanol!

This pdf is a gift to all of my fellow students.

In Taekwon-Do Fellowship, Vanessa Hoffpauir, VI Dan, Legacy Taekwon-Do School, Pottstown, PA USA

The poster is ready for print at the original size of 52 x 42 inches (132.08 x 101.6 centimeters). It is not recommended to enlarge or reduce by more than 50%, due to readability.

Posters may also be customized with your school's logo to be printed, framed and shipped. For more information, please e-mail: